Convocation 2023

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Important Information for Graduands

Graduation Outfit

  • All students are advised to dress in formal clothes for the ceremony. For gentlemen the appropriate attire is shirt and tie and for ladies a decent evening gown. Graduands have an option to choose any local traditional dress. Contact the college graduation Help Desk to confirm the dress code.

Academic Regalia

  • The academic dress worn by each graduate depends upon that academic level attained. It is compulsory for all graduands to wear academic Regalia. The academic Regalia consists of the gown, hood, the mortarboard and garland.

Collecting the academic Regalia

  • Students are reminded to collect the regalia hiring fee receipt during the collection of regalia
  • Date for regalia collection:
    • Date : 20th - 24th December 2023
    • Time : 12:00pm to 5:00pm
    • Venue : Avid College (Ruby Campus)

  • Graduands should bring the Regalia hiring fee payment receipt, national identification (ID card) to collection point when collecting their academic Regalia.
  • The College does not expect students to make applications for graduation registration and academic Regalia past the deadline.
  • Regalia must not be hand washed or machine washed by any circumstances.
  • In order to get the best fitting of the gown, graduands are advised to collect the academic Regalia personally and if a graduand is unable to collect the Regalia in person, you are required to submit an authorization letter with details of the representative assigned to collect the Regalia, where the representative must submit his/her national identification and a copy of the students identity card.

Returning the academic Regalia

  • All graduates must return the academic Regalia to Avid College latest by 15th of January 2024.

    • Dates: 7th January 2024 - 15th January 2024
    • Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Please note that Fridays are not included in the above mentioned dates for regalia collection.

Guest/family member Invitation

  • Each graduate will receive one invitation to participate in the ceremony.

Regalia hiring fee and refundable deposit

  • Refundable Deposit: MVR 1000/-
  • Regalia Rent Charges: MVR 1000/-
  • All payments must be completed and evidence of payment must be attached in request form. However the deposit amount will be refunded after the ceremony if the Regalia is returned in good condition only.

Withdrawal from graduation and Deadlines

Important Dates

  • Application Deadline: 18th December 2023 - 06:00PM (Extended)
  • Graduation Rehearsal: 26th December 2023
  • Graduation Date: 27th December 2023
  • Graduand Check-List

    Before Convocation
    • Update the graduands personal contacts (if any)
    • Check dates for graduation ceremony
    • Attend the online graduation information session

      • Date: 24th December 2023
      • Time: 16:00 hrs

      LInk will be shared with students via an SMS

    • Complete all academic and graduation clearance by the due dates stipulated
    • Check for all due dates and important meetings related to graduation
    • Complete all forms and formalities for graduation
    • Find time and make yourself available for rehearsal and graduation.
    • Convocation Rehearsal Date: 26th December 2023 (Tuesday)

      • Rehearsal Time: to be updated
      • Tentative Venue: Ghiyaasuddin International School
      • Attire: Semi-Formal

      Note: bring your regalia / cap when attending the rehearsal.
    On the Convocation Day
    • Dress according to the dress code advised by the college. You are expected to arrive at the specified time and venue on the date mentioned in your invitation card.
    • Leave all your personal belongings with your guest e.g. purse, electronic gadgets, camera etc.
    • The graduation lineup and procession will take place with the guidance of an usher..
    After Convocation
    • Returning of Regalia will take place in college collection points in the stipulated time period. You must bring your payment slips while returning the Regalia. The deposit amount will be refunded after the ceremony and return of Regalia.
    • All refundable deposits will be processed before 18th January 2023 by the Latest.
    Certificates and Transcripts Collection
    • Before the issuance of transcripts and certificates, students are required to:
      1. Complete the due payments
      2. Return the academic Regalia hired for graduation.

    • Certificate and transcript collection date
      • Date: 28th, 30th and 31st of December
      • Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
      Please note that priority will be given to students who participated in the Convocation Ceremony

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Students who are eligible will receive a confirmation Email from the Convocation steering committee with the Application form
    Students who wish to participate in the convocation ceremony, must register themselves before the stipulated deadline.
    College will confirm the registration via email and SMS
    Each graduand shall accompany ONE guest or parent.
    Yes, but you are required to submit any cancellations before 21st of December 2023. Note that any requests after the given date will not be eligible for a complete refund.
    There is no specific color theme for students.
    The student will be graduating from the highest level however you will receive both the completion certificates.
    Yes, it is a must for all graduands to attend the convocation rehearsal, and the date and time for rehearsal will be announced via short message and email.
    You may return the regalia within the specified dates above.

    Contact Details

    • Graduation Help Desk contact number:(+960) 7986768
    • Graduation related communications email address: [email protected]