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Faculty of Education

As a fast developing nation, Maldives is in high demand for teachers and educational professionals. In our mission to foster the philosophy of Compassionate Edhuru, Avid firmly believes that those who educate our young and those in their formative years must be well versed in international best practices of teaching and learning while cognizant of the cultural, religious beliefs, environmental, and learning pedagogy that are most versatile for dhivehi kudhin.  


Our curriculum, practicum and teaching pedagogy are especially oriented towards ensuring internalization of these core values while ensuring rigorous training to produce wholesome graduates trustworthy to charge of educating our precious young.

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Dr. Mohamed Solih

Executive Dean, Faculty of Education

I am pleased to introduce you to Avid College with national level expertise in the field of education. We have multiple modes of programs to make education an affordable choice for you. The College caters for individual needs of teachers by offering a wide range of courses in multiple modes such as during school holidays, weekends and weekly classes. Our graduates are effective problem solvers capable of applying 21st century skills who are committed to ethical action and social responsibility as a professional and citizen.

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