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Chairman's Message

With a very humble beginning in 2005, Avid College has become a well-established and reputed higher education provider in the Maldives. It is a privilege and honour to be the Chairman of this growing private college in the country. The college operation has expanded across the Maldives, with three campuses in Male’ and one campus in G.Dh Thinadhoo in additional to several learning centres in the atolls. The college offers a number of programmes in areas of business, management, human resources, accounting and finance, project management, education, languages, counselling, psychology, sharia and law, and Islamic studies ranging from certificate level to postgraduate level.

As Avid College embark its journey into the second decade of existence, we are primed and ready to accept the challenges of the 21st century in a ‘VUCA’ world. Finding solutions to these challenges will be the yard stick with which we measure our success, and hence we see challenges as opportunities for us to prosper and succeed. Our college constantly strives to be an institution that makes valuable and meaningful contribution to build a brighter future for our nation.

As stated in the vision and mission, our college strives to lead in teaching excellence, innovation, research and nurturing future citizen of this nation. Our motto to be a life-long learner is as relevant today and into the future as it was when it was stated in 2005. Our student-centric approach places students at the top of hierarchy and we assure holistic development of students inculcated with the 21st century skills.

We continuously expand our portfolio of programmes as per with national needs including both public and private sector. We aim to expand our offer beyond the border with well-crafted and planned strategy.

I am indebted to the highly motivated and competent team at Avid College, without them this journey could not have been possible. This avid team is constantly striving to accomplish much brighter and prosperous future for Avid College.

Abdulla Musthaq Rashaadh