Certificate I in Arabic Language Certificate II in Arabic Language Certificate III in Information Technology Certificate III in Human Resource Management Certificate III in Early Childhood Education Certificate III in Arabic Language Certificate III in Hospitality and Tourism Certificate IV in Early childhood Education Certificate IV in Foundation Studies Certificate IV in Information Technology Certificate IV in Business Administration Diploma in Project Management Diploma in Business Administration Diploma in Human Resource Management Diploma in Office Management Diploma in Early childhood Education Diploma in Educational Management Diploma in Teaching Primary Diploma in Teaching (Special Education Needs) Diploma in Psychology Diploma in Counseling Diploma in Shariah and Law Diploma in Teaching Quran CTH Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management ACCA Level 1 - Applied knowledge Associate Degree in Office Management Associate Degree of Science in Psychology ACCA Level 2 - Applied Skills Associate Degree in Business Administration Associate Degree in Information Technology - Software Engineering Associate Degree in Project Management Associate Degree in Degree in Early Childhood Education Associate Degree in Shariah and Law Associate Degree in Human Resource Management Associate Degree in Teaching Primary Associate Degree in Counseling Associate Degree in Teaching (Special Education Needs) Bachelor of Teaching (Special Education Needs) ACCA Level 3 - Strategic Professional Bachelor of Science in Psychology Bachelor of Office Management Bachelor of Shariah and Law Bachelor of Counseling Bachelor of Teaching Primary Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Human Resource Management Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Project Management Bachelor of Information Technology - Software Engineering Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Master of Educational Leadership and Management Master of Education (Dhivehi Language Teaching) Master of Teaching Islamic Studies Master of Teaching in Inclusive and Special Education Master of Education Master of Early Childhood Education Master of Business Administration - Strategic Management Master of Science (Information Technology Entrepreneurship) Master of Research Studies Master of Project Management Master of Human Resource Management Master of Teaching - Secondary Master of Teaching - Primary

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